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Cruising on the ferry called life

Happiness doesn’t come to us if we keep ourselves clinging to the fond memories of our good old days and compare our present to the beautiful time we spent in our past. 342 weitere Wörter


Returning after a cold.

I hadn’t had a cold in around 2 years but have now endured 2 in quick succession. It started last Friday and only yesterday did I feel well enough to return to my regular exercise regime. 648 weitere Wörter


...the longboats

Once upon the longboats

Watchin waves go high and low


Captains orders are to aye to

The smell of the sea

The only fragrance i know… 33 weitere Wörter

Ironic Poetry

A boat based workout.

My homemade pedal powered boat had been close to perfect but I couldn’t pedal quickly enough. This was barely making me breathe but stressing the leg muscles so I knew it would be difficult to cover longer distances on the canal where I sail. 434 weitere Wörter