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The TransistorPixel

What would it take to build an addressable LED like the WS2812 (aka Neopixel) using only discrete transistors? Time for a small „1960 style logic meets modern application“ technology fusion project. 1.759 weitere Wörter


Decoder Using - Verilog

3 to 8 Decoder using Verilog Programming

Content to be covered :


Verilog Case Statement Guidelines

case (case_expression)
  case_item: begin

It is recommended to ensure that case statements are parallel, i.e., only 1 case item evaluates to “true” for a given case expression. 491 weitere Wörter

My articles on RTL Today! (Update)

Hello everyone and first of all apologies for having left the blog a bit deserted over the past months. Let me assure you that the reason for that is a rather enjoyable one. 162 weitere Wörter


Five Best Wordpress E-Commerce Themes 2020


Molla – Multipurpose Responsive Shopify Theme – is a modern and niche eCommerce template that is perfect for your eCommerce business. Molla including niche 20 demos, ultimate feature variations for category and product detail pages. 873 weitere Wörter

Standardizing bidirectional language support in interfaces and visualization

I’m honored to take part in standardizing bidirectional language support in interfaces and visualization, as a part of an expert group formed for the Hebrew Support in Computerized Systems Committee at the… 18 weitere Wörter