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Cape Fear (1991)

It’s its own thing.

Martin Scorsese’s remake of the early ’60s revenge thriller tells a familiar story, but puts a unique spin on events.

Robert De Niro, ranting, raving, and having a grand old time, steps into Robert Mitchum’s shoes as a man deeply aggrieved at having spent a chunk of his life in jail. 47 weitere Wörter


The Equalizer **no spoilers**

I finally started The Equalizer after my friend suggested it to me. I never watched the original and haven’t seen the movie with Denzel Washington but if they are anything like this new show, I can definitely understand the appeal. 194 weitere Wörter

Person Of Interest

The Age of Re-Releases

Is it just me, or does it seem like there are more remakes/remastered video games releasing and being announced? I wager that isn’t actually the case, but there are so many that have either been released over the last couple years or all those still in the making. 857 weitere Wörter

Opinion Piece

The Mummy (1999)

There are two types of people in the world.

Those who enjoy Brendan Fraser being goofy and gallant, and killjoys.

Don’t be a killjoy.

If watching Fraser shoot 1,001 bullets at a sandstorm while wailing „Oh … my … GOOOOOOODDDDD!!“ doesn’t entertain you, it’s quite possible you may have already died and they just forgot to bury you. 46 weitere Wörter


Shot 11 remake in the style of 'OVERLOAD'

Made in Photoshop 2021

  • My remake
  • Shot from OVERLOAD

To remake this shot I wanted to capture the simplified shapes and the textured used within the style of OVERLOAD. 221 weitere Wörter


Remake- Styles

OVERLOAD- Director Kang SuHyun

I really like the style of this film. The style uses simplified shapes, no line art and a texture overlay. This style is similar to vector art. 187 weitere Wörter


Experimenting with Aesthetics

Really liked the style of Jesper Ryom – Nights (official music video) and how they used colour. I picked one frame to draw in my own style using TV paint.