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W.B.R. - Mary: The Church at the Source by Hans Urs Von Balthasar and Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

Wednesday Book Review #4

So this week I thought we’d look at something Marian – given tomorrow is the Feast of the Annunciation and this Friday given to Our Lady of Sorrows. 783 weitere Wörter

Book Review

Benedict's Unreasonability In the Beneplenist Worldview

What I mean by beneplenism (also known as benevacantism) is the belief that Benedict XVI is still the valid Pope who holds the keys of St. 1.761 weitere Wörter


Joseph Ratzinger (Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI), 1: on the Ascension of Jesus, and on Heaven — against Bultmann

This is the twentieth follow-up to the post, „Gagarin and the Seven Heavens„.

The previous posts were not organized well before, so I ordered them; further, they were becoming so numerous, and the text block listing and introducing them was so large, that they were soon going to take up more space than the posts themselves. 1.286 weitere Wörter


The Scandal of Sexual Abuse

To the Archbishop of Vienna
Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn
Wollzeile 2
AT-1010 Vienna

Dear Cardinal,

Pope John Paul knew everything. He also knew everything about Cardinal Groër here in Vienna. 190 weitere Wörter


Open your doors to Christ - a message from the writing of Pope Emeritus Joseph Ratzinger

Do not be afraid of Christ! He takes nothing away, and he gives you everything. When we give ourselves to him, we receive a hundredfold in return. 51 weitere Wörter


Communion Not Submission

I don’t think we yet know what it will take for the Church to be visibly One. It is my suspicion that this question will not be worked between the Roman Church and a group of Orthodox Churches, but that the onus falls on us Eastern Catholics who are going to have to figure out just how to be Orthodox Churches in catholic communion with other apostolic Churches, and indeed, help our Latin bothers learn how to be in union with Orthodox Churches. 491 weitere Wörter


The Great Sacrifice: Joseph Ratzinger on the Liturgy as Total Offering in Christ

Joseph Ratzinger in his The Spirit of the Liturgy locates a theology of liturgy within the expansive vista of Late Antique cosmology inherited by early Christian thought. 606 weitere Wörter