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Aurat March 2022 – March for the Noors Among Us

Between Aurat March 2021 and Aurat March 2022, a young girl from an affluent family was held hostage, tortured, raped and be-headed by a man from an educated and affluent family; a man known to her, belonging to a family known to her and her family. 1.174 weitere Wörter

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NoVax Djokovic

A Balkan ball player, THE Balkan ball player recently made headlines when the Commonwealth of Aussies refused him entry. What are the Serbian’s only two misgivings? 516 weitere Wörter

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16 years of being a Sparky

This month marks my 16 year work anniversary. Sixteen years! My career can officially drive now (well at least in the US) yet somehow I don’t feel like I’m in the drivers seat. 652 weitere Wörter

Rant & Rave