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Sliced potatoes

A handful of ingredients turn these sliced potatoes into a delicious dish.

4 to 5 sliced medium sized potatoes
Oil 1/3 cup
Cumin seeds 1/2 tsp… 97 weitere Wörter

Food Recipes


Pilled books supporting a Laptop. A water tank serving as a refreshing summer pool. Hang a few lamps on a hanger and you have yourself a chandelier. 258 weitere Wörter

Palabra Del Mes

Finding Your Strengths - Quick Fix

with Danny & Randy

New from The Existential Stoic…

When you know your strengths, you can focus on what you naturally excel at.

Discover tips for finding your strengths in Quick Fix 44 from The Existential Stoic. 166 weitere Wörter

Better Thinking

Dull and Dry Hands?

I know the seasons are changing and our hands are getting a bit drier or will be.

Hers a recipe for a quick fix. Cheap and easy! 88 weitere Wörter

Beauty Recipe Bliss

Control Emotions - Quick Fix

with Danny & Randy

New from The Existential Stoic Podcast…

Emotions can feel like something that happens to us, something beyond our control…we simply have a response to something. 201 weitere Wörter

Better Thinking

Word Quick Fixes

Quotes, aphorisms, unforgettable one liners. They are like Pilates for the mind. Just as with a dedicated pose/stretch you can, anywhere and anytime, de-stress or re-energize yourself, so too these little morsels of mind food can get you out of a funk or lead you to a deeper level of introspection. 197 weitere Wörter


Tandoori Fish

This is a fish item which is specially for those who detest the bones and the smell of fish! Easy to cook and does not require much of your time! 155 weitere Wörter