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"I Was Her" Short Film Awarded in Prague

My first short film „I Was Her“ has been awarded the Semi-Finalist award for Best Experimental Film at the CINE Unicorn Film Festival & Pegasus Awards in Prague! 17 weitere Wörter

An Ode To The Streets Of Prague

After a long, long day of walking, I just wanted to go back to my room and sleep, even though it was over 30°C and my room on the 18th floor barely had any ventilation. 767 weitere Wörter


The End of Summer and Beginning of Year 2

The summer has come and gone in what seems like a blink of an eye. Our two months back in the US were spent seeing family and friends (safely, thanks to the vaccination), traveling from the mountains to the sea, and enjoying some much needed relaxation. 572 weitere Wörter

Leaving Prague

Short and sad one, also a personal one. Next month will be Fascist Philosopher Month, that’ll be…nice? Nice, let’s go with nice.

Just gonna free associate a bit, really. 554 weitere Wörter



Since I started blogging, I’ve had more opportunities to look at photos, read through my travel notes, and recall this and that about my old trips. 517 weitere Wörter

Clueless Scott, City Hotspots, Potraviny

Every museum visit in Prague (except the Mucha museum) has been a bit stressful given the strangely large number of museum attendants, many of whom are crabby 60-something women with no apparent English knowledge. 218 weitere Wörter