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Independents could have a big impact on local politics

Two recent surveys now show that Independent voters are gaining traction as America’s silent third party, and it may be in local elections where they show the most influence. 528 weitere Wörter


When I was in Elementary school, the biggest concern our teachers had was that we were „sneaking“ cinnamon toothpicks into class. The cinnamon oil was bought from the pharmacist at the drug store – a tiny, flat-sided bottle with an even smaller mouth. 152 weitere Wörter


Okay, so...

My daughter is currently on an airplane.  It’s full.  Only 10 people are wearing masks.  Supposedly covid is surging.  Only 10 people are wearing masks.  Ten people.  499 weitere Wörter


MUSIC/TELEVISION: The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 (dir. Cristian Biondani and Ducci Forzano)

The role of Eurovision in a time of war is always a fraught one. During its half-century of existence, Eurovision’s participants have been involved in any number of conflicts that have cast a shadow over a festival which fundamentally celebrates togetherness and shared values, as well as being one of the few bastions of visibly progressive politics around gender and sexuality. 958 weitere Wörter


2023: 16 other political party youth organizations declares support for Sampson Unchenna Charles' Presidential bid, collapses structures

The Labour Party Presidential Candidate in the 2023 Presidential race, Sampson Unchenna Charle has since his submission of the completed form of interest at the party secretariat in Abuja for the 2023 presidential race has continued to penetrate the grassroots in Nigerian as 16 youth organizations of other political parties collapses structures into the youth campaign arm of his ( Sampson Unchenna Charles Presidential campaign organization) organization. 239 weitere Wörter


Given the Alternative, What’s So Bad About a “MAGA King”?

“MAGA King” is supposed to be an INSULT?

At least President Donald Trump WANTED to make America great. This sociopath wants America to be destroyed — and 100 percent of his daily efforts are directed toward that effort. 86 weitere Wörter