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strange vision

what’s that I see, a ghost?

a still and terrifying, outline

or maybe a forgotten, lost

confused, consumed by horrors


a human soul.

once lively, broken… 86 weitere Wörter

Happy Burns' Night

To celebrate the great Bard of Scotland, on this Burns‘ night I will share one of my most favourite of his romantic poems. For me the thing that makes this simple, beautiful ode to a lover so special is the fact that Burns is writing it from the perspective of being on Corsencon – a hill which happens to be 5 minutes up the road from Rigg House. 409 weitere Wörter



why do i want you?

because you’re fun, cool and intelligent.
you’re inspirational and sweet.

i know you spend most of your days
thinking about sex and that you come… 91 weitere Wörter

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Intentional #1

Three weeks ago, I wrote about picking my word for 2021. It’s INTENTIONAL. You can read about that word choice here.

Yesterday evening while I was scrolling through Instagram, I happened upon a poem from L. 131 weitere Wörter



A piece I have contributed music to will be bradcast at 12pm on January 29th; New York time.

An exquisite corpse of an „I” played out in a multiplicity of voices, „Verse & Chorus“ is an experimental act of constellation and collaborative reworking that quilts cuts from two manuscripts into an imagined third object (collaging verses from Nadia de Vries‘ I FAILED TO SWOON and Dominic Jaeckle’s 36 EXPOSURES; both forthcoming from Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2021). 147 weitere Wörter


Three Ways To Help The US Post Office (2012)

1. Quit your social networking.

2. Buy a stamp.

3. Write a letter.


The modern world-

Has put the post office in an awkward

downward swirl.