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Yet To See

Looking out for
one he’d yet to see
platforms recycle
ebb and flow of feet
noon arrival, watch
tells she missed, phone
caught her sorry, hours on
looking out for, yet to see.


Changing - Written Between Tuesday 15th February 1994 and October 1994 (Aged 18/19)


i am going to change –
for the sake of my luck
i am not going to stay the same
you can see
just what i can do… 86 weitere Wörter



You read between the lines

The poem in front of you

What you see is complete

But, there are missing words

The ones which I had erased and… 28 weitere Wörter


The Mourne

Step gently upon the Mourne,
souls have never returned,
from the mists of time,
where tales and giants dwell

Named for a girl named Maggie, 31 weitere Wörter


You feed me.

you feed me bullets

you feed me uncooked butterflies

you feed me drain water and lemon soda

you feed me sunlight and ass

you feed me crap books and boring satire… 64 weitere Wörter


all on me

there were hints

tiny murmurs

for me to be adventurous

try new things

which being a sporting man

I was happy to do

then came recriminations… 49 weitere Wörter

feeling the silence

walking the undercliff

feeling the silence

even tho’ even there

there is no complete quiet

rustling of leaves

bird calls

the ever present

buzz in the ears… 44 weitere Wörter