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Myself as a Child

Blonde hair whisping, curling ‘round my fingertips

Tasting like soap and chocolates

Brown eyes with green aspirations

Staring through panes of glass, looking for hidden messages, … 186 weitere Wörter



You can measure time by moon
slices, not quite a melon taste
more acrid like the salty tears
of moon flakes for breakfast
time on a plate again; or by
the equinox, today, I read
is my springtime
tomorrow somewhere else 
for the sleepers no time
at all; even the moon seems
locked down at the end of the street
within our border of 5km
that's all we're allowed moon;
you're our daylight in our familiar
nests; all is the same but not

Copyrighted by the author

I woke up with a start

I woke up with a start
The world felt all gloomy,
It was a morning of winter
Yet the sky was sunny.

The sun looked bigger, 229 weitere Wörter

Dream Poem

On the Rocks - a poem

„On the Rocks“
a poem by Jeremy C Kester

If it seeks desolation
Could it be alone?
Forgotten like an empty glass
Bourbon’s stench still rife… 75 weitere Wörter


On Pride, To Adam-born

Heed my words, O Adam-born,
Not all fates do the God’s behold;
You make and break what is foretold,
So skywards shall you not do frown; 212 weitere Wörter



city 143

A fish they'll say
made of sea 
as if it's not 

sea lightning.

Here if you see a bowl

go to it
and stay.