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The Temple Diary - Star Deck Ice

Stardate: wt{\¤ice#%Q6§

In summers the Star Deck turns into a miniature container garden as a part of the temple’s terraforming sector.

But now, in winter this is what is growing there – and the crop is abundant! 51 weitere Wörter


The mistakes of historians

In 1377 the Tunisian Arab historian Ibn Khaldun listed seven mistakes made by contemporary scholars, and then he made the same mistakes.

Reda Kerbouche, … 721 weitere Wörter


Greece for honeymoon. Which island to visit?

Greece for honeymoon. Which island to visit?

So, the long-awaited event happened – you got married, put the rings on your fingers, and can rightfully call yourself spouses! 971 weitere Wörter

About Santorini

National Wallace Monument

This is a call for all the Sir William Wallace’s fans! Today, I’ll bring you to the „National Wallace Monument“! How many fearless hearts can I count amongst my followers?! 213 weitere Wörter



When something is narrow its uncomfortably tight – a thin gap that isn’t quite big enough. Trying to navigate down a narrow street in a wide car takes a lot of concentration. 76 weitere Wörter


The Nataraja temple at Chidambaram

South Indian temples are architectural marvels!

My grandfather revered Nataraja, the dancing form of Lord Shiva and hence the Chidambaram-Nataraja temple was his favourite one amongst the spectacular temples of South India. 362 weitere Wörter

Mushroom & Lentil Vegan Lasagna

My mom is known for her lasagna. Family gatherings, parties, holidays, she always made lasagna. I have many memories of making lasagna together, trying to pull out the cooked noodles from the pot without breaking them in half (it always happened anyway) and setting it in layers. 818 weitere Wörter