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Picknick mit Herrn Klein

Miriam Zedelius: „Picknick mit Herrn Klein / Picknick mit Frau Groß
Rotfuchs Pappbilderbuch € 10,00
ab 2 Jahre

Das kleinformatige Pappbilderbuch enthält gleich zwei Geschichten. 142 weitere Wörter


Volunteer's meeting on ice

This time our volunteer’s meeting took place on the ice rink.
How cool is that? 227 weitere Wörter


The first meeting of 2021/22 volunteers!

Hello there!

At last – we met (almost) all together in Würzburg.
There’s 17 of us, so we kinda broke the record here.

So it was a beautiful Saturday, sun was shining on us all (reminding me to buy some sunscreen), we met at the Vierröhrenbrunnen (this reminds me to take a picture next time, because I did not) and we took a stroll (or a hike, if you ask me, because I totally counted that as a „cardio workout“ – and I know I’m not the only one! 204 weitere Wörter

Das Leben Der Freiwilligen

14 things we should do before summer is over! by InSideBerlin

14 things we should do before summer is over!

Hello from Berlin,

As soon as summer has begun, it’s over again. So it’s time to really enjoy late summer again. 37 weitere Wörter


Couscous salad and a picnic

I have been meaning to do this post for a while now. For once, because ever since I tried couscous I actually fell in love with it. 450 weitere Wörter


Morotsbröd i långpanna

Det perfekta brödet att ta ha till långfrukost, picknickmackan eller matsäcken! Enkelt att laga är det också. Här kommer receptet, till en långpanna à 30×40. 20 bitar. 188 weitere Wörter