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Got Chapstick?

“It’s for those dry weather days.”

Lilies #9326AR

June 17, 2021

Lilies, whose scientific name is Lilium, has more than one hundred gorgeous species in its family. However, there are many plants that have Lily in their common name; yet not all are true Lilies. 639 weitere Wörter


Journey - lunch

Lunch – Pork BBQ rice and beer

At KL, Malaysia

By kate


Dark light in the studio

Winter often means weak light, which is perfect for shooting dark light in the studio. I recently played with some beautiful pears, red wine and chocolate in the studio. 53 weitere Wörter


Synchronised Cranes

Kew Bridge

When we talk about landscape photography, we usually would visualise trees, mountains, rivers, gardens, beautiful buildings and so on. Never would an evening’s dull sky with man-made machines spring to mind. 218 weitere Wörter