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Paying off Debt - How I managed to pay off 30K dollars of debt in 18 months

Money can honestly be such a tricky thing to talk about. For most people it’s an extremely taboo subject, and because of that, people don’t really understand how to manage their money. 1.701 weitere Wörter

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Healthy Relationship With Money

Millionaires are more common than you think. They can also be so cheap. Here is how my experiences with wealthy individuals altered my perspective and relationship with money. 1.911 weitere Wörter


Can Shiba inu become the global payment system?

Can Shiba inu become the global payment system?

Shiba Inu is being traded at low levels, while bitcoin is now being traded at $47000, it makes the coin not suitable for purchasing high-value products such as cars, property because you would need to pay trillions of coins to acquire things that you can pay with just 1 bitcoin. 160 weitere Wörter


What's The Halo Effect?

The Halo effect is a thinking mistake. We use experience with a person, an institution, or an idea, to guide our behaviour. There is considerable evidence that we do take a good experience or feeling about an organization and assume other things they do will also be worthy. 851 weitere Wörter

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LUNO provides way for it's Nigerian users To deposit and withraw their money 💰

The popular exchange company, LUNO has announced it’s way forward for Nigerian users towards deposit and withrawal of money on their LUNO wallet.

This came as a result of the ban of cryptocurrency in Nigeria from CBN. 464 weitere Wörter


Google takes down CBN eNaira wallet after negative reviews

The application of the eNaira wallet has been taken down from the Google Play Store, 48 hours after the digital currency was launched on Monday. 234 weitere Wörter


Investing in a Gold financing business

Financiers who lend keeping gold as collateral aren’t always enjoying the jewellery. Gold in hands of a financier glows differently than in the hands of the public. 676 weitere Wörter

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