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A Virtual Tour of My New Home

I like making GIFs now.

As I recently teased, after 30 years in the nest (as in, at home with my parents), I finally moved out last week. 1.323 weitere Wörter

Non-fiction Writings

My 2020 in Blogging

I tried to revamp the look of my blog to coincide with my return to writing on it.

Blogging in 2020 seemed almost passé, even compared to when I first started the blog in 2013, but not only do I think blogging still has a lovely place on the internet — after all, look at the popularity of Substack, which is blogging, essentially — blogging was, in many ways, what saved me in 2020. 552 weitere Wörter

Non-fiction Writings

Visiting the King Center in Atlanta

For my 30th birthday last September, I went to Atlanta, Georgia, and the stated intent was to skydive, but Atlanta has a lot of neat things around the area aside from that, largely free and walkable (once you’re in Atlanta). 673 weitere Wörter

Non-fiction Writings

Japanese Survivor Artwork From the Nuclear Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

So, I started off the last morning of 2020 with tears in my eyes. A period of time I’m fascinated by, mostly in the horrific and appalled sense, is the first, and so far only, use of nuclear weapons in human history, the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on Aug. 739 weitere Wörter

Non-fiction Writings

Coming Down From the Depression Mountain

Creative Commons photo, so sadly, not my photo.

Well, not entirely and it’s a rather premature title, but I took that step down from the depression mountain (which is counterintuitively, a way of taking a step up? 1.307 weitere Wörter

Non-fiction Writings

No True Crime Year: Looking for Podcast Recommendations

Robert Stack, the host of the original run of Unsolved Mysteries in the 1980s.

No, this not a post about the No True Scotsman fallacy, no matter how much I tried to configure a title like that in my head sadly. 517 weitere Wörter

Non-fiction Writings

Charles Bukowski on Being 'Mad' With Writing

Creative Commons photo.

Do we choose our lovers? It doesn’t seem likely. The most you can say about love is that we choose to stay in it, in a way. 994 weitere Wörter

Non-fiction Writings