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Osprey Nest Mobbed (Part Two)

We ended the last chapter of this adventure after the osprey had successfully defended their nest from a marauding crow. To bring everyone up to date there were actually a pair of crows although one remained out of sight in a nearby palm tree. 549 weitere Wörter

Nature Photography

What is it like to be cancelled?

What is it like to be slandered by a violent stalker with accusations that are, literally, deranged? What is it like to be visited at work by the police because a violent stalker has lied about you? 926 weitere Wörter


Un ex o colega podría estar espiándote sin que te des cuenta. Defiéndete.

Es muy común que algún ex con perfil psicópata o narcisista te esté espiando o acosando en las redes, en especial si tú lo dejaste, no solo eso, si tu ex sabe algo de informática, tú puedes no tener noticias de su vida pero te puede estar rastreando en forma remota. 738 weitere Wörter

Lady Stalker Posing as a homeless women

About 8 years ago I was at a Starbucks location by my house in woodland hills where they spend 10 years almost every day having 100’s of peopel mob and provoke me to death. 889 weitere Wörter

Community Mobbing

Court date my brothers BBQ - Draft

After the original Paperwork was magically displaced and we went back to anarraignment whichwas already decided it was a infraction for sitting on the sidewalk, the court, judges, prosectuters, and corrupt police did everything in their power to keep me quiet about this 40 year crime to end my life for no reason or justification. 164 weitere Wörter

Community Mobbing