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Among Us: The Game That Saved Quarantine

By Aaditya Saharan

Staff Writer

Among Us, the video game that became a smash hit in the span of months, can be considered the game of 2020 (Source: Dexerto) 564 weitere Wörter

Volume 22, Issue 1

Crossing the polar ice-cap – a circuit around Elmhurst

The first trans-continental excursion of 2021, with a context like a Domino’s pizza – deep n‘ crisp n‘ even :-D


Trans women are more woman than I'll ever be

Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist or TERF is a term I learned because I am a fan of Harry Potter, and the author of the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling, is a self-admitted TERF. 1.918 weitere Wörter


MC-Arch - #TakeItBack | Hip-Hop

Article Co-Written by DrakeEmberHeart and Simon the Madhatterbrony.

(Start of Drake’s Part)

“This is probably one of most important articles I will ever write about song so dire in its message” 2.130 weitere Wörter

Solo Post

On Agreeing and Disagreeing...

To borrow from Shakespeare, specifically Hamlet’s soliloquy I offer the following musings:

To Agree or Disagree, that is the question – Whether it is nobler to listen to the opinions of others for understanding of their viewpoint or choose to eliminate them from our lives because they disagree with our point of view…then choosing to sling our own poison tipped arrows at who they are because they dare to have a different view than us. 658 weitere Wörter


Daniel 1 (Part 1) Introduction

This past Sunday I began preaching through the amazing book of Daniel. I plan on preaching through every chapter and verse of the book. As I started thinking and praying about preaching from this book I was amazed at how timely for the world we live in today. 1.646 weitere Wörter