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Far-Right Feminist Activist on "Grooming"

The linked article „Rape-Grooming Gangs in the UK: Support Victims, Get Threats“ (2018) is written by far-right feminist activist, Dr Paula Boddington, who (with her militant feminist student Brooke Berndtson) orchestrated a defamation and harassment campaign against me and my family in 2013-14. 61 weitere Wörter


A Misandrist Guide to Dating Nigerian Men

Hi babies. I’m back again with another thought. One thing about me, I’m gon’ have an opinion about everything. It’s my curse, and also my blessing. 891 weitere Wörter

Female Privilege

  1. Female Violence is Excused and Treated as Acceptable
  2. Rape: It’s Ok if a Woman Does It
  3. Female Lying is Acceptable. Due Process is Denied to Men…
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A personal take on Gamma bias and the anti-male agenda. Part 2: Minimization of female privilege and maximization of male privilege.

In the last post, I decided to write a little about gamma bias. A theory that I have recently been reading about and how it seems to impact the… 647 weitere Wörter

Mens Issues

What is it like to be cancelled?

What is it like to be slandered by a violent stalker with accusations that are, literally, deranged? What is it like to be visited at work by the police because a violent stalker has lied about you? 926 weitere Wörter


RadFem: "... prostitutes should be shot as collaborators"

UK RadFem/TERF Julie Burchill once wrote: „When the sex war is won prostitutes should be shot as collaborators for their terrible betrayal of all women… 99 weitere Wörter