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Addressing NATO in a Post-Trump World

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has evolved greatly over the past few generations. The Dunkirk Treaty, signed in March 1947, was designed to protect certain countries like France and the United Kingdom from a potential attack from Germany. 895 weitere Wörter

Diplomacy & International Relations

Coronavirus Scandal Breaking in Merkel’s Germany. False Positives and the Drosten PCR Test - LewRockwell

But it was enough to get the Agenda ID2020 surveillance program passed.

The Borger report identifies what they call “ten fatal problems” in the Drosten paper of last January. 1.994 weitere Wörter

Analysis: Merkel's vote of confidence in Deutsche Bank belies lender's problems

By Tom Sims and Patricia Uhlig

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Angela Merkel will give a welcome speech at Deutsche Bank (DE:DBKGn)’s annual New Year reception on Thursday, marking a rare appearance by the German chancellor at an event by a bank that for years has been battling losses and scandals. 636 weitere Wörter


Germany's detention centers now quarantine COVID-19 rule breakers - is New York next?

Forget to wear a mask in Germany too often and you may end up in one of the nation’s detention centers, where offenders will be concentrated to protect the rest of society and punish the guilty. 570 weitere Wörter


Merkel's Plea for Extended Lockdowns | Armstrong Economics

Comes naturally to an E German youth leader.

Posted Feb 6, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Our sources in Germany are all telling us that instead of boosting support for lockdowns, now that Merkel has come on the airwaves and attached her face for the first time, her support is dwindling rapidly. 161 weitere Wörter

Merkel's legacy

Germany’s longstanding Chancellor stands down, leaving a legacy that has shaped 21st century politics

German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks during the handover of the annual expert report from the Commission of Experts for Research and Innovation in Berlin, Feb. 1.053 weitere Wörter


Munich-esque Davos

January 31, 2021

Rostislav Ishchenko – Crossposted with permission from Stalker Zone

Vladimir Putin’s speech, delivered in the format of remote participation in the annual Davos forum, is already being actively compared with his Munich speech of 2007. 1.712 weitere Wörter