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Making Time to Process

A couple years ago, my husband was in college and had just started taking some education classes. In one of his classes, they did an exercise where you self identify with an animal and decided as a group what that means for how you like to work with others, your biggest personality traits, etc. 792 weitere Wörter

Birthdays and Wakeful Nights

Today my heart hurts more than usual.

It’s my mama’s birthday-the second one we will celebrate without her here to blow out the candles.

It’s also the second anniversary (do you call it that?) of the day Papa had to call an ambulance to rush her to the hospital. 266 weitere Wörter


Fri evening, after the girls left with their dad, I was whining to DD1, about Always hurting. Whining to someone who can barely get out of bed?? 673 weitere Wörter


A pre mid-autumn festival meal...

Here’s our Mid-Autumn Festival meal. The actual holiday is tomorrow, and we’re going to my in-laws for a big feast. Back home, I made something for us today to welcome this big holiday. 35 weitere Wörter


Brand Update 2

A plan to go home.

Brandt is doing well, thank you for all the good vibes!

He came off high flow today and they are monitoring him for Bradys (HR drops) throughout the day. 211 weitere Wörter


Brandt Update 1

Brandt had a good first week, he showed no abnormal signs and was doing all the things a premature baby would do.

But I had a feeling. 691 weitere Wörter


Brandt’s Birth Story

We had multiple specialists appointments at McMaster Children’s Hospital that started with them thinking something was wrong with Brandt. Testing showed a high chance of Down Syndrome and his ultrasounds showed high NT fluid and an absent to little nasal bone which are all strong indicators for DS. 900 weitere Wörter