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Reflections on Theory: What is good theory?

Submitted to MAIS 601: Making Sense of Theory in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Professor Katie MacDonald


This reflective narrative focuses on how to do productive theory work in academia. 3.238 weitere Wörter


Foucault, The Subject and Power

Foucault, M. The Subject and Power

Foucault begins his essay with the disclaimer that the following ideas “represent neither a theory nor a methodology” (p. 326). 682 weitere Wörter


Playoffs, Round Two: Southwest Mississippi high school football on the radio Nov. 12

It’s Round Two of the playoffs — except that it’s Round One for 5A. And Round Three for the MAIS. You know what? Let’s not dwell on what week it is. 165 weitere Wörter

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Reflecting on New Media, Writing, and the Internet

Writing and New Media: Focus Area Reflection

The MA-IS focus areas that piqued my interest when applying to AU were Literary Studies and Writing and New Media. 701 weitere Wörter


Reflecting on hook's "Theory as a Liberatory Practice"

Whenever I am asked to do a more personal/reflective piece of writing, I am never sure where to begin. How personal can you get, what structure should it follow? 1.166 weitere Wörter