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Zuviel des Guten? Auf in den nächsten Low Buy

Die letzten Monate – genauer gesagt die letzten eineinhalb Jahre – hatten es in sich, höflich umschrieben. Ein regelmäßiges Auf und Ab von Infektionszahlen, Statistiken, Prognosen und die entsprechend bunte Fülle an alten/neuen Verordnungen haben unser aller Alltag bestimmt. 904 weitere Wörter

Low Buy

That's enough, thanks! – Let's do another Low Buy

I wrote a few times about life after Low Buy – we know by now that it didn’t always work out as I wanted it to. 793 weitere Wörter


Check-In, Low-Buy/Intentional Buying

Hi all,

We’ve finally now transitioned from winter into spring, and we’re edging towards summer up in the Northern UK. I was down South just this weekend and it was 8-10 degrees Celsius hotter! 895 weitere Wörter


No-Buy July

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Today we’ll be talking about no-buy and low-buy challenges~ We’ll go over what they are, what the benefits of them are, and tips and tricks to pulling them off successfully~ If you’d like to join me in either a low-buy or no-buy July, just tune in to find out how and feel free to comment your own tips and tricks or any questions or words of encouragement you have for me or for your fellow listeners. 3.514 weitere Wörter

My June 2021 No-buy

For the last two years I have been working on budgeting and I finally feel like I’m in a good place.

Having said that – I am currently about a months worth of spending above my allocated budget. 227 weitere Wörter

Low Buy 2.0 – halfway through

Starting my Low Buy on February 22, it may not exactly be halftime – I’ve never been strong with numbers and I don’t really care – but I thought it might be time to post a short update on how my current low buy is going. 504 weitere Wörter


Journal Entry #9 - Back to the Beginning

Dear Journal,

It’s now almost the end of the first quarter of the year, and this month I fell back into bad spending habits. I knew this road was going to be bumpy, but damn it’s hit me hard. 299 weitere Wörter