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Journaling Prompts :)

Hi there! Welcome <3 I’m going to pretty much jump right in!

Okay, so hear me out. I honestly didn’t think that I was a journaling human, but I am a visual person…soooo I guess it makes sense! 452 weitere Wörter


Kendrick Carmouch

Look up the word optimistic in the dictionary and alongside the written definition will be a picture of jockey Kendrick Carmouche.

As an example; the other day, Carmouche was asked what was his best finish in the… 365 weitere Wörter

Horse Racing

Friday Fire

What does one say after disappearing for over four months? Hello seems insufficient, and yet lengthy explanations seem unnecessary and unwanted. Let’s just go with I’m back, for now at least, because who knows when and how often the mood will strike me again. 538 weitere Wörter

#1051: Macbeth Synthesis

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In Greek, the word syntithenai means “to put together, in order to create something new.” In English class, synthesis is the process of mixing and combining the ideas of various sources to answer an overarching question. 406 weitere Wörter


“ The Light”

The darkness isn’t something that should separate us from the world, but instead make us more powerful. Being in a depressive state can really alter your mind, body and soul in a traumatic way. 65 weitere Wörter


5 Travel Safety Tips For Your 2021 Holidays

Whether you are counting down the days until your next holiday or are just considering your options, you must familiarise yourself with a number of travel safety tips ahead of time. 604 weitere Wörter


Cheat Codes

The reward for hard work is more work. So settle for less and stop working. It’s pointless. Is cheating wrong? Cheaters don’t think cheating is wrong until they get cheated on. 442 weitere Wörter