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Monte Carlo Simulation

This past week has been a doozy. In fact, this past year has been one giant shit sandwich. Last November, I lost a very contentious legal battle with my ex-wife regarding custody and visitation due to legaleeze. 347 weitere Wörter


A Lazy Girl's Guide to Fall Fashion

-Basics basics basics — fill that closet with basics

-Invest in a good pair of black and brown boots


My September Favourites!

September has been good to me! I’m so grateful for everything that I was able to try and everything I got to experience. So many new things and old favourites are featured in this post–from new tech to music that has gone through so many eras it’s almost impossible to believe. 634 weitere Wörter


20 Fall Date Night Ideas!


In today’s post, we are going to be talking fall date night ideas! Now that it is finally fall, not fall weather, but officially in one of the best seasons, here are some really fun ideas. 208 weitere Wörter



Mental Health

This week I wanna talk about mental health. I feel like with this topic, everyone can relate to this somehow. Mental health is a very important topic that people need to be aware of. 146 weitere Wörter


The trend of "ME TIME"

„Its my me time…I am just applying some new products on my face..or I am just reading a book!“

This sentence has become quite common these days.Because now people dont love what they do n usually dont have time to do what they love!! 221 weitere Wörter

Journaling Prompts :)

Hi there! Welcome <3 I’m going to pretty much jump right in!

Okay, so hear me out. I honestly didn’t think that I was a journaling human, but I am a visual person…soooo I guess it makes sense! 452 weitere Wörter