Interior design finds

Hi friends,

I thought I would share one of my favorite pieces from the new Studio McGee collection with Threshold collection at Target.

They have so many great, classic decor pieces for all different spaces in your home. 79 weitere Wörter

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What I Wore #8: Christmas 2020

The pandemic is no excuse for me not dress up for Christmas and take photos. 😛

Pandora Heart Necklace / Guess shirt / Sunnies specs… 10 weitere Wörter



a weekly exercise in gratitude for the little things in my very ordinary life.

  1. this tote bag of running necessities…

because i’ve kept my 3 days a week resolution so far. 158 weitere Wörter

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Some weeks pass by like trucks through the desert, just one fast motion leaving dust in their wake. Other weeks are a long hike through the mountains, the cold wind buffeting you backwards, the cliffs precarious, the landscape so unforgiving. 437 weitere Wörter


Interior design finds

Hi friends,

I thought I would share a new interior design find for January decor, and as I transition into decor for February too.

Studio McGee… 119 weitere Wörter

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My Updated Bedtime Routine

When its time to call it a day and crawl into bed, I absolutely can’t fall asleep unless I do all of the things that make me feel cosy, safe, and generally sleepy AF. 735 weitere Wörter


Decluttering your life and having a fresh start

The New Year is upon us, for many of us like myself it is a restart button to switching out bad habits and introducing new ones. 632 weitere Wörter