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Thursday Tales Study Abroad Trips BirthMay 2021

Hello everyone! Today, I thought I’d share about some trips around Europe I took while I studied abroad back in 2012.

I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain for the spring semester of 2012. 3.194 weitere Wörter

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I Drink From A $35 Crystal Water Bottle- Here's Why

I recently traveled to Tulum, Mexico and found myself walking in and out of shops searching for souvenirs for my myself and my loved ones. I picked up necklaces, shirts, bags, you name it, inspecting them and then placing back down after deciding they were not exciting enough to come back to New Jersey with me. 496 weitere Wörter


3 Nigerian Bloggers I Look Up To

To be honest, blogging has not been easy and I’ve had a bit of a struggle juggling my final year in the University and blogging consistently- but these three bloggers- without them even knowing, have helped me keep my head up high and I am so grateful to them. 291 weitere Wörter


Mambo no 5 - my life mindset

Ive made it t blog 5 usually i would’ve given up writing these by now like with most things in life i try at something, give up and go on to the next thing and i feel like ive tried at almost everything, I’m probably on like me fifth going round at things to see what feels right but nothing ever does. 635 weitere Wörter

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My Year 30 Goal: Create Peace BirthMay 2021

Hello everyone! It’s my birthday!!!! Today, I thought I’d introduce my year 30 goal, which is to seek to create peace in my life for this upcoming year. 1.467 weitere Wörter

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Balancing Blogging with a Full Time Job

So, you have a blog and a full-time job? Me too! Balancing the two is super difficult, but I do have some tips for you after having managed my blog and job for the last 6 months. 801 weitere Wörter

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The Getting to Know Me Tag

Hello everybody! Today, I’m going to be doing the Getting to Know Me Tag, which I found on Charlotte’s blog. Onto the post! 685 weitere Wörter