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January Round-Up

Hello, friends!

We’ve survived the first month of 2021! We have a new President, a new LADY Vice President. There is hope! While a new year and a new month cannot erase the scars left by the year-that-shall-not-be-named, I hope, nonetheless, that your year is off to a great start! 1.126 weitere Wörter


Sunday Roast | Volume 3

Argghhhh how embarrassing! I only managed to do the Sunday Roast consecutively for 2 weeks (typical Lotty). I hope you can forgive me because I’m back with an absolute banger this week 💔. 431 weitere Wörter


The Silence

Whispering through-
Forgotten thoughts, freed once again
Whispering through,
Pushing memories through my mind
Memories that I don’t want back 
But the Silence always reminds, 
Whispering through
The Silence

Writing Blog

Organizing Tips & Tools!

I love coming home to a clean house, but I couldn’t keep up with cleaning it without my handy dandy organizing tips & tools! 595 weitere Wörter


Book Review: The Midnight Library

I haven’t written a book review in years, but since I have a lot more time on my hands, I’ve had the opportunity to read a lot more books and would love the opportunity to share my thoughts with you all! 777 weitere Wörter


Miami Farmers Markets

Bonjour my beautiful people! I found three wonderful Farmers Markets in Miami and I wanted to share them with all of you.

¡Bonjour mi gente bella! 534 weitere Wörter

The Waking Hour

Sweet innocence of the dawn -
Here I am

Without the distraction
Of the day, and
All those energies
Twirling, pulsing
So many different
Competing pulls
Obscuring the truth
of the child within

That child
With a heart, so alive
Knows just when to run
And when to surrender
When to give, and
When to receive -
And unafraid, becomes
a beacon of shining Love… 39 weitere Wörter