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Don't Make Assumptions

Just because I have interests other than getting laid and what people wear and look like, doesn’t mean I’m nerdy.

Just because I’m intelligent, doesn’t mean I think I’m better than or above anybody. 933 weitere Wörter


the quote being read


I watch a little dot in the window
And as I witness the clouds go by
I torch my what. (‘It’) only I know… 130 weitere Wörter


Shared Article from AOL: White people least likely to wear masks consistently, study finds

D.A.P. ( Dumb Ass People )don’t wear Masks. Take a good look at California, take a good look at Trumpees- Super Spreaders. Dumb Shit Mentality Rules.


Is it me, or is it him?

I probably need to apologise for the lack of quality erudite posts that you expect from me 😂😂 But there is nothing (literally) happening over here. 19 weitere Wörter


The Temple Diary - Star Deck Ice

Stardate: wt{\¤ice#%Q6§

In summers the Star Deck turns into a miniature container garden as a part of the temple’s terraforming sector.

But now, in winter this is what is growing there – and the crop is abundant! 51 weitere Wörter


A writ...

The inclination

The evening is leaning.
Flux of time. It’s five thirty one.
The ever-winding continuum.
It certainly imparts something,
My evaporating existence.
An effervescence. Waning it is. 145 weitere Wörter

Why 2020 Was Crap

It’s got to be done hasn’t it? A post on 2020 and how bloody crap it was.

2020 started like any other year for me. I went to the Rockaway Beach Music Festival like I usually do every January. 1.464 weitere Wörter

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