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Kindergarten Paper Weavings, 2022

(2022) This was a very challenging project for Kindergarten but the results are just beautiful!  After our talented artists had painted a big piece of paper in warm (red, yellow, orange) hues and cool (purple, blue, green) hues, they got to the task of weaving! 161 weitere Wörter


Free Printable English Game - Feed the Monster

This is such a funny little English learning game, but small children love it! You simple use some vocabulary cards and the free printable monster, then have the children feed the cards into the monster’s mouth. 313 weitere Wörter



„The things he sees are not just remembered; they form a part of his soul.“

by Dr. Maria Montessori


Snowman Paintings (2022)

2022-Kindergarten had blast painting these fabulous and funny snowmen paintings!  With just one quick 30 minute block of time, everyone followed along with Mrs. Sterling as we started with their choice of blue paper,  9 x 12 paper.   117 weitere Wörter


Dear Holly: You Loved Superhero Day!

6 years old.

Dear Holly,

As your Kindergarten school year is coming to a close, there are often special themes for each day of the week now. 85 weitere Wörter

Kinders Learn About Simple Machines!

During their science unit on Force and Motion, Kindergarteners in Mrs. Wernsing’s class also learned about six different simple machines, including the wheel and axle. After decorating their cars and securing their cotton pad passengers, students put the wheels and axles into action and saw first-hand how this simple machine makes moving through our community so much faster and easier. 19 weitere Wörter


Math: Time - Kindergarten


At this, age 5/6 years old, your child will start doing a more traditional school model. Tests are included, but I personally would not give official tests till 1st or 2nd grade. 2.088 weitere Wörter