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Considering Keynes's 'Liberal Socialism'

Was Keynes a champion of a reformed capitalism or a liberal socialist? He consistently argued for a middle way between laissez-faire and state socialism as a means of achieving the good society. 1.316 weitere Wörter


Quote of the week: Keynesianism and global economic problems

Following the extracts I have posted in recent weeks, this is the last in the series from the 1947 edited volume The New Economics: Keynes‘ Influence on Theory and Public Policy… 588 weitere Wörter


9th April 1925. Taxed to the Grave.

Inheritance tax was changed in 1925 when the Royal Assent was granted on 9th April to the Administration of Estates Act which reduced claimants to First Cousins and constituted the plot to the 1927 novel of Dorothy Sayers. 330 weitere Wörter


Quote of the week: public investment and the budget in a full employment policy

Following on from last week’s extract from the 1947 volume The New Economics: Keynes‘ Influence on Theory and Public Policy, here is another from the same chapter by Australian economist and government advisor Douglas Copland. 932 weitere Wörter


When Keynes was gearing up for a second war

This is from The Price of Peace by Zachary Carter. What strikes me is the fact that a fleeing refugee doctor enabled Keynes to join the fight, again at the age of 58. 242 weitere Wörter


Quote of the week: Paul Samuelson on the essential contribution of Keynes' General Theory

Paul Samuelson was the high priest of the post-war „neoclassical synthesis“ in economics, which combined a particular interpretation of Keynesian macroeconomics with mainstream microeconomics. He was the author of two influential textbooks which were widely used by students on the US side of the Atlantic and, as time went on, on the UK side as well. 618 weitere Wörter


Consumption Function Cake

Went through the consumption function this morning with my A2 class and I recalled the superb cake that A2 student Lara Hodgson made for the class a few years ago – here’s hoping for a similar cake this term. 215 weitere Wörter

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