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Socioeconomic Engineering

April 30, 2023

by Stephen Stofka

Last week’s letter was about marginal loss and marginal value. This week I’ll continue exploring another topic in marginal thinking – the marginal disutility of labor. 848 weitere Wörter

Industrial Production

Economistul Keynes: În Occident, confiscarea averilor de către stat se face prin inflația continuă

Keynes, economist de talie mondială, a spus-o pe față: în Occident, confiscarea averilor de către stat – condiție sine qua non a comunismului – s-a făcut și se face prin inflația continuă. 57 weitere Wörter

Rețeaua KGB Din România

Keynesian Kiwis?

New Zealand has consistently performed as one of the wealthiest countries in the world with very high living standards. With a GDP per capita of $53,000 USD, this places New Zealand substantially higher than many of their Western counterparts, like Australia ($47,000 USD) and the UK ($39,000 USD). 709 weitere Wörter


Exploring the Multiverse of Decisions: A Review of 'Everything, Everywhere All at Once”

A surreal journey through a multiverse of decisions made by one character, reflecting on the concept of co-existing multiverses in different places and times.

The Movie… 2.070 weitere Wörter


Taking stock: notes, questions and lessons from considering Keynes, Marx, development and beyond

It has been a number of weeks since I posted here. Apologies to those who appreciate the usual regularity. Blog-wise, the time has not been wasted. 2.033 weitere Wörter


What is heterodox economics?

(Mostly what is mainstream economics, as this post turned out).

The field of economics is overwhelmingly dominated by a single school of thought – known as Neoclassical Economics. 383 weitere Wörter

Economics discussion exercise - Keynes v Hayek

This year I am trying to get students to develop a deeper understanding of economic issues and to improve their evaluation skills for the written exam. 615 weitere Wörter

Economic History