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Robby is Going to Screw Himself: Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 2

We start this episode with another flashback scene. This time it isn’t between Johnny and Daniel at the all Valley or anything to even do with Johnny and Daniel. 1.961 weitere Wörter

The Team Up Begins: Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 1.

We are brought back into the Cobra Kai world with a newscast two weeks after the events at the school. Everything has turned to shit after the school brawl. 2.082 weitere Wörter

Cobra Kai Never Dies

mercy: Red Letter Challenge

You want to know how you know you’re getting old? Your childhood gets a refresh.

Take The Karate Kid. It was a clear sign I was aging when they came out with a remake a couple decades after the original was made. 471 weitere Wörter


Season 3 Preview

To do my season 3 Preview we will be breaking down characters that are in the Two Dojos, Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do, as well as Johnny since he is no longer associated with Cobra Kai. 1.720 weitere Wörter

The Karate Kid & the Meritocracy Myth

Applying Critical Discourse Analysis to The Karate Kid

There are stories. Then there is the meaning behind the story.

The most obvious narrative arc in… 1.845 weitere Wörter

Analyzing Pop Culture

What a Fucking Ending: Cobra Kai Season 2 Finale

Whenever you just have 1/3 of your episode being an all out Karate brawl between two warring dojos, shit is bound to be good. But we must start from the very beginning of this episode. 1.645 weitere Wörter

Cobra Kai Never Dies

The Karate Kid: Una joya del cine


En el año 1984 se estrenó la que es una de las más grandes y clásicas producciones del mundo del entretenimiento, Karate Kid llegó a la gran pantalla. 936 weitere Wörter

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