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Okay. First of all, understand that by the world’s standards I am completely insane; so, take what I am about to tell you with a grain of salt or a mustard seed of faith, whichever you prefer. 306 weitere Wörter


Please Pull The Plug On Israel

NOTE: I am not anti Jewish this post is about actions of the Israeli government and some of the right radical citizens.

Since 1967 I have had an extreme dislike for the state of Israel….it began with the murderous attack on the naval vessel USS Liberty that killed many of its crew and it continued with the barbarous treatment of the Palestinian people……they treat minorities like shit. 419 weitere Wörter

International Situations

Are You Tired of Politics Now?

Have you, like us, reached near the end of your rope about almost everything politics? We are finding it difficult to write anything additional about the just completed 2020 elections in the United States. 851 weitere Wörter


Israel Bombs Syria on Christmas Eve

Syrian air defenses responded to an Israeli missile attack that targeted the western Masyaf area in Hama Governorate after midnight Thursday. Syrian state TV broadcast images of the air defenses intercepting Israeli missiles in the sky over Masyaf. 78 weitere Wörter