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#TSBTP: An Hamburg Evergreen.

I really do love it to Explore Hamburg from Time to Time, but since Covid struck last Year, that was obviously not a real possibility. So I went through some old Fotos I took there. 343 weitere Wörter


Travel Favorites: All the colors of the sky (Sunrises)

Do you get tongue tide like me, when people ask you for your favorite travel destination? Personally, I find it impossible to pick just one. I have been privileged to visit so many amazing places and honestly can appreciate every single one for different reasons. 283 weitere Wörter


Friends are the family we choose

Today is one of my best friend’s birthdays. Saskia and I met ten years ago, and our friendship has proven the test of time and distance. 80 weitere Wörter


Hamburg to Dakar

On the recommendation of a friend I’ve acquired Patrick Keiller’s book ‚London‚. It complements well the other two books I’m currently reading, Voltaire’s… 135 weitere Wörter


Across the Universe

Un home s’aixeca d’un llit, està despullat. Mira al seu costat on hi ha algú que dorm plàcidament. La roba tirada pel terra, l’habitació impregnada de tabac. 789 weitere Wörter

Hamburg von den Wikingern angegriffen und zertrümmert

“Die Verbindung Hamburgs mit Bremen veranlasste 14 Jahre später ein Überfall der Wikinger, der Hamburg gänzlich zerstörte. Es war zur Stunde der Abenddämmerung, als 600 Schiffe bei der wehrlosen Stadt landeten; denn der Graf des Gaus, zu dem Hamburg gehörte, war abwesend.

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The German Girl by Lily Graham

Today I’m pleased to be sharing my thoughts about the The German Girl by Lily Graham, published in ebook today by Bookouture. Thanks to Sarah Hardy for the invite to join the blog tour and for the free digital copy. 565 weitere Wörter

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