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Postcards: Bosnia & Croatia

The question „Where are you from?“ is not an easy one for me to answer.

The easy answer would be „Europe“. Though, I doubt you will ever find anyone in this part of the world who would consider themselves „just European“. 807 weitere Wörter

Freelancing is the BEST!

In this time of pandemic, many businesses and jobs are affected. Some businesses are losing their profit, employees are losing their jobs because of the limited manpower. 625 weitere Wörter

Freelance Work

About Me:

I am a stay-at-home mother from Lilburn, Georgia, with a BFA in Film Studies and Creative Writing. I have been writing everything from short stories to novels, blogs to long-form articles, and skits to full-length screenplays for over 20 years. 188 weitere Wörter


Easy To Use Website Builder Platform: PageCould

PageCloud is a software as a service, cloud-based web development platform and drag and drop website builder. The platform allows individuals and businesses to create and maintain websites. 143 weitere Wörter


The Difference Between Copy And Content (Yes, There Is A Difference!)

Ok, so the verdict is still out when it comes to defining the exact difference between ‚copy‘ and ‚content‘, but here are my thoughts on the matter, however right or wrong they may be. 319 weitere Wörter