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The Art of Writing

I have been on a “corporate hiatus” for more than 2 months now. I moved out from my previous organization in April to explore external opportunities and pursue my passion for writing. 404 weitere Wörter


Top 5 trending skills in Freelancing 2021

Freelancing is an industry where skills and demands keep changing with trends and demands of the market. TopInks is here to let you know the Top 5 trending skills in Freelancing in 2021. 401 weitere Wörter

Working as a Freelancer on Giggzy

Giggzy is one of the leading platforms for freelancers in the Middle East and North Africa where you can find a huge number of freelancing folks with a large variety of different work cultures. 402 weitere Wörter


This month has been rough and I haven’t been writing a lot. I had to cope with my dad’s birthday less than two weeks ago, and now Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday. 387 weitere Wörter


5 excellent reasons to become a freelancer in 2021

It’s been one hell of a year for freelancers. On this National Freelancers Day, it’s worth remembering how tough the pandemic has been for so many freelance workers and self-employed people. 1.290 weitere Wörter


How to choose the perfect platforms for Freelancing?

It is hard for almost every Freelancer to find projects online, especially in the start of their career. But luckily, Nowadays, We have a big lot of platforms that we can use to get hired as a Freelancer. 1.150 weitere Wörter

Article Writing

The Importance of Creative Freelancing

There are many facets, to creative freelance writing. One of the strongest benefits to creative freelancing, it how it can attract a wide variety of audiences. 218 weitere Wörter