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Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a profession where create visual content to communicate messages. They are essentially visual communicators. They Create Logo for Books, magazines, catalogs, newspapers. 40 weitere Wörter

[85] How I Died on

Last year, I was concerned how much I was relying on my backup income and how my design and social media work had slowed down after lockdown severely affected traditional bricks and mortar retail. 222 weitere Wörter

90 Day Challenge

Book Update: Valid Distractions

I have decided on the first Sunday of each month to provide my second book update and share my valid distractions (and maybe not so valid). 899 weitere Wörter

A Writing Journey

SLaC Doodle

I swore I would never make an attempt to drawing humans, but when Something Long and Complicated doodle make a doodle based on himself, I wanted to give it a try. 28 weitere Wörter

Top 10 Books For Writers and Everyone Trying to Live a More Creative Life

Here’s my list of the top 10 books for writers, for those needing some inspiration, and for everyone who is just trying to add a little creativity to their life. 579 weitere Wörter


Content Writer: A Day from the Life

Content has become a more generic name to everything available online to be viewed or read by the audience. The content can be so compelling that it can convince visitors to make their minds to purchase the product or hire the service. 766 weitere Wörter


طريقة جني المال من منصات العمل الحر

طريقة جني المال من منصة وتطبيق اب وورك Upwork

اليوم سنتحدث عن ربح من موقع اب ورك الشهير. هذا الموقع يعتبر من أصدق المواقع والأسهل للعمل على الإنترنت وجمع راس المال بدون خبرة وذلك عن طريق كتابة مقالات مشوقة يحتاجها عدد كبير من الأشخاص ويحبّذ أن تكون باللغة الانجليزية حتى يكون الربح أكثر. 671 weitere Wörter