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It is job not career.

Associate term included part time, freelance, project base, short term.. nothing permanent.

If you follow my blog, I have recently ended all the classes, and am currently on pending. 341 weitere Wörter

My latest motoring spread in Asian Leader – 4 August 2021

Newspaper out in Manchester today!

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Fine-tuning My Writing Focus

Are you like me, wondering where all the days are going? Sometimes, I find it helpful to state the facts and center myself.

Today is Tuesday, August 3rd. 540 weitere Wörter


Star Performer looks for a lifestyle change after COVID lockdown.

Great to see our Adam in The Stage Newpaper this week, making a very good point about freelance creatives. Having said that, he’s just graduated from The Maverick Academy’s part-time Diploma in Creative Producing and is about to open in the West End soon. 13 weitere Wörter


What Marketing Contractors Need.

Just this week, I had to part ways with a client that just was not a good fit culturally. Great people, great mission; don’t get me wrong. 920 weitere Wörter

[85] How I Died on

Last year, I was concerned how much I was relying on my backup income and how my design and social media work had slowed down after lockdown severely affected traditional bricks and mortar retail. 222 weitere Wörter

90 Day Challenge

Like to Write? Rake in Recurring Commissions Blogging

Wondering what it takes to make money with your blog? Stop wondering and find out how to rake in recurring commissions with your blog.

Anyone can start a blog but in order to make money with blogging there are a few tricks of the trade that every successful blogger uses to monetize their websites. 976 weitere Wörter