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Books VS. Movies

By G.P. Avants

For the past four years I have been teaching high school. I had totally opposite jobs, teaching CAHSEE English and Video Production. One is non-technology and book centered, the other of course is all film and production based. 1.134 weitere Wörter


Ep 93 The Neek Peak of the Week

We took a little pause as we started 2021 to introduce a new online segment. Every Monday we host a Monday afternoon 15 minute encouragement for all our neeks. 9 weitere Wörter


Episode 88 Bill and Ted FINALLY Face the Music

Bill & Ted are back for the conclusion of the destiny to save reality as we know it. in Bill & Ted: Face the Music we get an excellent and most non-non-henous view into the life of Bill S. 10 weitere Wörter


Zombie Apocalypse: Dos and Don'ts, Part 1

This 4-part series will explore the Dos and Don’ts of the Zombie Apocalypse
and what part God will play if – and when – the time comes. 879 weitere Wörter


Episode 79 The Purtists of Fandom

Not every fandom is made the same. Some books translated well into movies and visa versa. Today we discuss our thoughts when fandom features are made and remade.


COVID Neek Check 2020

This is just a quick hi to see how folks are doing out there. We hope to hear from you all again as we pass through this time of social isolation.