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A game changer …

Finally, after placing the order back in January, the pressure canner has arrived! Hooray!! 593 weitere Wörter

Daily Life

Foraging for Wild Fruit in Tsukuba- Akebi (あけび) - Chocolate Vine

By Avi Landau

One of the benefits (and great autumn pleasures) of living in the Japanese countryside is being able to pick as many akebi as you like – for free (they can cost a pretty penny at Tokyo department stores). 411 weitere Wörter

Life In Tsukuba

Amazing Burger

My wife and I found a place that serves the most delicious and fairly unique burgers–Burgerland. This eatery is located in the heart of the Sulphur Springs food district–210 Main Street Sulphur Springs Texas. 104 weitere Wörter


Yep, that „oh so important“ piece of paper we sometimes fool ourselves we don’t need when we go shopping hahaha… You know, that moment you think to yourself you have it all in your head… Then as soon as you step into the supermarket or store you find yourself in the can opener section making funny noises, excited about the many different colours you can get for $5… Or the very worst… You just ‚wing‘ it and load up your shopping trolley till you hear ‚card declined‘ or too heavy to carry *side-eye* 254 weitere Wörter

Julia Sholtz of Stella's

A friend said that restaurateur Julia Sholtz is the kind of woman who ran her restaurants with a baby on her hip. Turns out, that may have been a BIT of an exaggeration but not by much – when child care falls through, there are still restaurants to run and, let’s just say, her daughters know where the sweets are kept at Stella’s Brasserie and Stella’sBistro, her restaurants in upstate South Carolina! 35 weitere Wörter

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