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A pillion ride with the pizza delivery boy

Anytime it’s Pizza time

Having spent 20 unsuccessful minutes waiting to hire an auto, I grudgingly decided to walk the three kilometre route back home from the vaccination centre. 921 weitere Wörter

Food is best when shared

Last Friday, we decided to dine out. Since we are all fully vaccinated. There is a rule here that dining out is only available to those who completed their vaccine. 41 weitere Wörter



For any cats, treats are those items they don’t need to help them stay alive. They are those food items which they like to have and may claim they never got them when you ask them. 57 weitere Wörter


Rhododendron season in Kenmare @parkkenmare

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Park Hotel Kenmare‏ @parkkenmare 58m58 minutes ago


Rhododendron season in Kenmare is stunning at the moment! Kerry Bloom.


All Panda Express Locations Shutter Overnight As Eviction Moratorium Ends

ROSEMEAD, CA–Tenants around the country were sent into a panic on Thursday following President Joe Biden’s decision to let the United States‘ eviction moratorium expire. With so many battling joblessness and debt, there is great uncertainty surrounding the days ahead, and people are left to wonder why the White House has left them scrambling. 202 weitere Wörter


Blueberry festival in Belgium: The Witch and the Black Goat

While witches have always existed in the Salm valley, just like anywhere else, the folklore group of the Macralles du Val de Salm from Belgium has only been in existence since 1955. 978 weitere Wörter


Natural Honey

Natural Honey

Organic honey is 100 percent Natural and Organic and good for your health. B2T honey is smooth, fragrant, perfectly and irresistibly delicious, while being a natural source of energy. 49 weitere Wörter