Modernizing the Kalashnikov: Palmetto State Armory’s AK-P

We’ve probably all read or seen online the meme saying “Nyet! Rifle is fine!” or Mikhail Kalashnikov himself proclaiming his disdain for any aftermarket gear- its funny, and there’s people out there who really think like this.

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Armed Citizen Corner

What is a “Fighting Handgun?”

Glock 26 Compact 9mm handgun

What IS a „Fighting Handgun?“

Standard answers include „the gun you have with you when you need it,“ or „the gun you’re best with,“ etc. 179 weitere Wörter

Beretta Minx pocket pistol

This is the Berreta Minx .22 short. This pocket rocket can shoot! It’s fun to shoot, reliable, and more accurate than people think. It’s a nice small pistol to carry in your pocket. 8 weitere Wörter

Essential Handgun Skills Course. June 20,2020

Essential Handgun Skills Course. This popular class makes you a competent well-rounded shooter in only 3 hours. Tired of spending money on ammo and time only to be frustrated by your lack of progress?We’ve all been there! 53 weitere Wörter

Armed Citizen Corner: Understanding Combat Accuracy

I have been hearing a lot about „STIMULUS CHECKS“ lately.

Here is an ideal: How about we make an effort to „STIMULATE“ Our Preparedness and Firearms Training? 178 weitere Wörter

Armed Citizen Corner

You Just Bought a Firearm for the First Time, Now What?

With all the craziness going on right now I bought a firearm for self-defense, now what?

OK, you have decided to take that big step and buy a self-defense firearm for home or carry. 1.309 weitere Wörter

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