Learning to Shoot: How Much Training Is Enough?

I get a lot of emails and messages on Facebook asking me which shooting instructor I recommend for this or that area in Florida. Many are realizing that the best way to protect oneself and one’s family is to become a hard target. 1.278 weitere Wörter

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The Internet is good for some things, but not for telling you what firearm is best for you!

Recently on a Facebook group I read and follow, a well-meaning person asked the group in general what type of handgun she should buy. She gave a little bit of info in that she was a shorter-in-stature female but that was it. 314 weitere Wörter

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Are You Prepping Your Firearms Maintenance?

How many preppers pay as much attention to their firearms maintenance preps as they do to food, water, and med supplies? I discuss it here.

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First Impressions and Newbie Lessons Learned

One of the things that seems to be happening with the current surge in gun buying around the country is the increased interest in obtaining training on how to use those guns. 1.154 weitere Wörter

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Shotgun Myths. Alley Sweeper?

The tactical shotgun is an excellent defensive weapon if use in the right context. However, the myth of it being an alley sweeper is just that. 6 weitere Wörter

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New Gun Owner? Consider This.

Over the last few months, a tremendous number of Americans have purchased firearms because of the current situation. There are things to consider AFTER buying a gun for the first time. Watch the video here.

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Armed Citizen Corner: Train Like a Samurai (10 Arrows)

From the Archives, 2016

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes PERMANENT.

 You’ve heard a lot of advice on different training philosophies – ways to maximize the results you achieve. 1.423 weitere Wörter

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