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Ein Ohrwurm ist ein eingängige Melodie. Ein Lied, das man immer wieder im Ohr hat. Es una melodía pegadiza que se te queda en el oído. 149 weitere Wörter


Poem - Fernweh

Do you ever feel grounded?

Not in a ’safe, solid, I know where I am‘ sort of way, but a ‚restless, wings clipped, I should be somewhere else‘ sort of way… I’ve found a good word to describe that feeling – ‚fernweh‘. 277 weitere Wörter

The Places You'll Go

“It wreaked havoc, didn’t it?” I said to Sivakumar, who had been my companion from Pathankot. “The rain seems to have anger issues,” he said as we gazed at the soil that had piled up beside the road. 3.190 weitere Wörter


Up, up and away

I recently wrote about ‘Fernweh’, the longing for the distance and missing travelling. At the time I was on my way to Berlin, looking out the window of a highspeed train, watching the landscape rush by. 306 weitere Wörter


Feeling whole.

Almost exactly 3 years ago I arrived in Berlin after almost 9 months of traveling. Being loaded with new experiences about places, people, and myself. 694 weitere Wörter

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I’ve travelled a lot in the past. Two round-the-world-trips, over three months of travelling in the US (not at once), many shorter trips and living abroad. 490 weitere Wörter


Album Review: "Fernweh" by Marbin

Chicago band Marbin has a great reputation for eclecticism. Whether they’re playing fusion rock or Israeli-jazz, they have made a name for themselves as a bold and adventurous group of musicians. 340 weitere Wörter