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Never Forget the Power of the Spoken Word

How do you come across when you talk to your partner? Are you snarky and uncaring? Dismissive perhaps? Sometimes, such quips result from bad habits or laziness and other times it’s lack of caring. 1.107 weitere Wörter

Faye Arcand

Do You Know How to do a Writing Critique?

We writers are a funny bunch. We’re introverts. Hermits.

Highly sensitive but also very opinionated, especially about other peoples work.

What we sometimes forget is that one negative comment made off the cuff could wound someone to a point of pulling away. 1.050 weitere Wörter

Faye Arcand

What Do You Want Your Beta-Readers to Look For?

Now that we all know what a beta-reader actually is, it’s imperative to prepare them prior to reading your unpublished book. This will help all to be on the same page and hopefully avoid confusion. 833 weitere Wörter

Faye Arcand

Do You Really Know What a Beta Reader is?

The term beta-reader gets tossed around like an author’s rite of passage, but you need to decide if it’s right for you. You may want to consider an alpha-reader first. 869 weitere Wörter

Faye Arcand

Do You Know How Powerful You Are?

Happy New Year. As we finally exit the notorious 2020, I’d like you to take a look at the year ahead and examine how your thinking or internal dialogue will affect it. 903 weitere Wörter

Faye Arcand

Are You Really a Writer or Are You Pretending?

Writers! Its New Year’s Day, 2021. The calendar page has turned and hopes are high for a positive and prosperous year. If in 2020, you’ve been having questions or doubts about your writing, you’ll need to make an adjustment to your… 1.306 weitere Wörter

Faye Arcand

I Made the Most of 2020 But Bring on 2021

It’s finally the end of a very trying year. We made it through though, didn’t we?

Here we are on the cusp of a New Year. 843 weitere Wörter

Faye Arcand