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Languages of Love: 'Asian' Parents Edition

Singaporean parents may not be the most affectionate to their children. In fact, they may be the ‘typical Asian parents’ that we grew up with – strict, have high standards and expectations, and live by the phrase ‘spare the rod, spoil the child’. 927 weitere Wörter


Game On

First game of the season.. scored two goals! Yeehaw! Won 9-2 and managed to stay out of the penalty box! LOL 😂



Recently, my sister has been laying down all of these boundaries in our conversations. It feels like every time I speak I have to watch over my shoulder as she gives me a bad look for saying the wrong thing. 243 weitere Wörter

Last Wishes

Give my money to our children and my debt to our least favorite relatives – you know who they are.  Don’t fall for the vultures that circle over my corpse hoping for pounds of flesh – honestly, don’t let the dogs get too close either, because they’ll take off with a finger and I’m already running low on those. 464 weitere Wörter


Halloween Treats

I love holidays, decorating our home and make treats for friends and family. I always pass out packaged candy to the ghosts and goblins that come to my door but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying homemade treats personally! 405 weitere Wörter


Mom’s Tour de France - 1 (FGK 92)

While mom was attending Stanford, she was chosen to spend a semester studying in France. She sent home letters describing her adventure, and Grandma sent those letters to the newspaper in Cochrane to be published. 618 weitere Wörter


Christmas Came Early!!

I love December!! First of all, it’s the end of the year, meaning bonuses are here!! Then, there’s Christmas!! It’s party time!! Before we actually start to party, there are a few things that we have to prepare so that all of us will have a great time. 1.649 weitere Wörter