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When I was three

I lived by the sea

collecting sand and water in a sieve to see what I could see

When I was three

there were five more of us all under the age of eight, four brothers and a sister, making six… 63 weitere Wörter


Day 25 of 365 days of 2021

25/365 Made some Granola bars. They look crap but taste amazing!

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Real Tasty Pages on Social Media! 6 weitere Wörter

365 Days Of Elle

Raising Children

When I was in elementary school, the only thing I cared about when I found out who my new teacher was going to be each year, was if she or he was nice. 306 weitere Wörter

Small move, Big change by Caroline L. Arnold

Hi everyone, this last week’s post is an adult non-fiction title that caught my eye a few years ago. When I was researching the best New Year’s resolutions, I realised I had read somewhere a book that helped break down resolutions into small, manageable-sized tasks!! 354 weitere Wörter


How Do You Spell Champion?

I had no expectations as I signed T. Puzzle out from school. His nervous energy permeated the air as we made our way to the car. 421 weitere Wörter


Cuba saves, but the family has to save themselves first

A mother who cries in the face of the misfortune of her sick and life-threatening child always moves and brings compassion to the rest of those who know that this sincere cry comes from the soul and from the fear of losing a part of her life, a being that She saw herself come out and that has stolen the best moments of her existence. 419 weitere Wörter


Three Things To Do If You Feel You Cannot Win (2012)

1. Cheat.

2. Get over it.

3. Lie.


Harder to do-

In the modern world, after

the replayed video comes