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Market Scorecard

US markets gave up their early gains on Monday and closed slightly lower. Investors have been upbeat on recent company results, and buoyed by the idea that the economy was indeed on the up and up. 837 weitere Wörter


Facebook, Let's Talk About Your Absolutely Idiotic "Community Standards"

Facebook, your so called „community standards “ are a bad joke, and you’re fast showing that your platform has become one as well. 2.281 weitere Wörter


Opinion | Is Ken Burns Taking Up Too Much Space? He Doesn’t Think So.

„What happens when somebody is creating this, Kara, that puts words in your mouth and says the opposite of what you believe? And that’s already happening.“ Ken Burn on the use of AI-generated narration in documentaries. 20 weitere Wörter


Iranian hackers used Gmail, Facebook, to spy on US aerospace contractor

A GROUP OF HACKERS, who are known to operate under the direction of the Iranian government, used fictitious Gmail and Facebook accounts to compromise employees of a United States defense contractor. 285 weitere Wörter

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A Look Back to Move Forward

We’ve been dealing with some issues as a family recently that have taken a toll on my mental well-being. It’s embarrassing considering the multitude of blessings I’ve been granted, but I’ve begun to spiral a bit. 1.670 weitere Wörter

Opinion: The really worrisome thing about the Delta variant

In a recent NPR interview, Dr. Rick Barr, who leads the Arkansas Children’s Hospital, said that the „Delta variant is acting very, very differently with respect to kids … just in the month of July, we have over 40 to the children’s hospital. 30 weitere Wörter