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utility is the satisfaction power of a commodity.

first of all latest look how many type of utility are there .


Economics as a social science is concerned with economic questions. It’s seeks to explain systematically a large variety of questions pertaining to economic behaviour of individuals, the society and the ceremony… 119 weitere Wörter

‘pound-noteish’: meaning and origin

Composed of the noun pound note, denoting a banknote worth one pound sterling, and of the suffix -ish, meaning having the qualities of… 1.078 weitere Wörter


Let's Be Honest and Admit It, Biden Wants Higher Gas Prices

This should not be a big secret, except that it is politically dangerous to say it so clearly. Yet, even a casual observer can see it and policy experts know it. 384 weitere Wörter


Systems-based thinking and obesity

In a previous blog- ‚Systems thinking and Food’, I wrote about systems thinking and how it had been applied ( or not) to UK food policy. 1.174 weitere Wörter

Food Systems

An Audio-Class Review: Numbers! Why Did It Have To Be Numbers?

Modern Economic Issues

Lectures by Dr. Robert Whaples, Ph.D.

Published by The Great Courses

The Lectures:

So, every so often I take a break from audio-books to listen to a course of classes on one subject or other. 629 weitere Wörter