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Daily Challenge: E-mail Inbox

For today’s challenge, declutter your e-mail inbox. Read all unread e-mails and respond or add any necessary items to your to-do list. Unsubscribe from promotional materials you don’t use. 24 weitere Wörter

Daily Challenges

The Grammar Spammer

Every week, Grammarly sends me an e-mail, showering me with praise about how well I’ve written that week. I’ve been using the software for more than four years; it even works in addition to the auto-correct in Microsoft Word and Firefox. 214 weitere Wörter

Safety Tips for Online Shopping

The allure of Internet deals and the pure convenience of “click and ship” continue to drive shoppers online this holiday season. An estimated $44 billion will be spent online purchasing holiday gifts in 2008, up more than 12 percent over 2007. 297 weitere Wörter

Just call

1 new message: „Are you free?“

Just call and find out.

If I’m free, I’ll answer.

If not, I’ll call back.

Random Thoughts

An e-mail

Article written by Aggelos Al. found at in #kedu_senior_d_b1
Hi Bessie,I would like to come with you thanks for asking. I think we should go in weekend.saturday I’m free.I’m interested  about the show for the birth of our solar system.I’m sorry my sister will go on holiday next week. 6 weitere Wörter


Don't Call Us, We'll Call You

I often get calls when it is least convenient. I don’t want to just hang up, because it feels rude. I don’t want to let it ring, because it is annoying. 244 weitere Wörter


The Enhanced Spelling Bee

Writing doesn’t come easy to me. Writing well is even harder. I do try to hold myself to high standards, though.

Technology has progressed a lot on this front. 129 weitere Wörter