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Don't Call Us, We'll Call You

I often get calls when it is least convenient. I don’t want to just hang up, because it feels rude. I don’t want to let it ring, because it is annoying. 244 weitere Wörter


The Enhanced Spelling Bee

Writing doesn’t come easy to me. Writing well is even harder. I do try to hold myself to high standards, though.

Technology has progressed a lot on this front. 129 weitere Wörter


A Good Day For . . .

Deleting e-mail you fooled yourself into thinking, „I’ll read that later.“ LOL. I had about 900 of those. On my author e-mail. I truly need to stop it. 612 weitere Wörter

E-mail Blues

Tracking down Android storage space hogs

When you (try to) download an app from Google’s Play Store and nothing seems to happen, there is probably a notification on the lock screen indicating that there is insufficient space to perform the operation. 403 weitere Wörter


Just call me Baked Potato?

Go into the world of song lyrics and you will find a lot of artists giving hints about to what to call them. Paul Simon from the Graceland Album has one of the more well known ones – ‚ You can call me Al‘ , well that is if you are in the over 40’s age group. 599 weitere Wörter