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Bye bye DVD

So, when I bought my old MacBook it was only for the reason that this was the last unit that had a built-in DVD, or optical drive I guess we usually says nowadays. 530 weitere Wörter

Hello IT

Pink Floyd 1989.07.15 Venezia (Shakuntala STCD 30/31/32)

Pink Floyd
Shakuntala (STCD 30/31/32)

Grand Canal
Venice, Italy

Audience recording

Original bootleg discs -> EZ CD Audio Converter -> FLAC level 5… 136 weitere Wörter

Pink Floyd

Question: Shows Being Released on DVD versus Blu-Ray?

There are shows currently being broadcast that are in High Definition which are being released on DVD but not on Blu-Ray?

Why is it that these shows are not being released on Blu-Ray? 100 weitere Wörter

Blu-Ray Disc

Now watching - The X-files

The intro to a series that had me hooked from the moment I saw it! I really LOVED the X-Files (it might have had something to do with Gillian Anderson as well 😂). 877 weitere Wörter

Now Watching

Miscellaneous Television Shows or Movies

The following are TV Series or Movies that were broadcast over twenty years ago. They were broadcast on television or released in cinema. But for some reason, they have not been released onto… 174 weitere Wörter

Blu-Ray Disc

Day 8, Jan8: Friday Fun

I was given the 3 series boxset of Rev for Christmas, a series I’ve wanted to watch for ages, and tonight was the night we settled down to watch it…compete with the remains of the Christmas Quality Street tin. 205 weitere Wörter


REVIEW: Loudness - Buddha Rock 1997-1999 Music Clips DVD

Part Four of Four – Buddha Rock 1997-1999

LOUDNESS – Buddha Rock 1997-1999 Music Clips (1999 Rooms DVD, from the box set Buddha Rock 1997-1999) 646 weitere Wörter