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Recovery Reflections - The New Year

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what and who I want to be. Having two surgeries in the span of a few months, each requiring weeks of recovery, allowed for such pondering. 850 weitere Wörter

Dear Diary

Entry 316: Life goes on. Even for Sam Doors

Dear diary,

Today was a sad day. It was my last day at work and it wasn’t by choice. When I took this job, I never expected what happened next. 169 weitere Wörter


Dear Diary: Meditation madness

So… It is said that mediation is like hanging out with your soul. It makes you feel fresh, relaxed and happy. It’s just listening to sweet music, sitting still with eyes closed. 224 weitere Wörter


My New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

First off, what are those?!?! Haha! There will be a total of zero new year’s resolutions for this year of 2021.

That was so… whatever came before 2020. 1.146 weitere Wörter


Dear Diary? Sigh.

I have literally no wisdom, research or wit here. Honestly, I thought that without the pressure of work I would blog more, but my brain has been mush. 667 weitere Wörter

Mental Health

Dear Diary💕: Cooking Disasters

So… I love to cook but I’m not a great one, I’m not gonna lie. Non-veg recipes are my forté and vegetarian recipes are in range of ’not bad‘. 224 weitere Wörter


Journaling - Does it work for everyone?

In 2016, a trend took the world by storm: The Bullet Journal. An unparalleled productivity system developed by Ryder Caroll to help him organize his thoughts and plan his day. 1.113 weitere Wörter